Documents, etc. relating to Winterborne Zelston.

Middleton Manuscripts:

The Middleton Manuscripts are a collection of documents deposited by Lord Middleton K.G., M.C. in the University of Nottingham in 1947. The collection contains records of the Willoughby family of Woolaton in Nottingham. Francis Willoughby, son of Francis Willoughby the naturalist, and friend of John Ray, was made Baronet in 1677, He died unmarried in 1688; and was succeeded by his bother Thomas,who was created 1st Baron Middleton by Queen Anne in 1712.

An Index to the collection can be seen in the Dorset Record Office.

Amongst others the following documents relate to Winterborne Zelston.

1439-40: Compotus of Richard Harryes, farmer & coll of rents, W.Maureward als Selston [Latin]
1444-5: Compotus of Richard Harryes, farmer & coll of rents, W.Maureward als Selston.
1451: Deeds
1460-63: Court Rolls of Wynterbourne Seleston.[Latin]
1488-89: Court rolls of the manors of W. Zelston.
1489: Rental of Wynterborn Selston
1489-90: Court rolls of the manors of Langton Herring, W. Zelston & Woodlands.
1492-3: Compotus of Jn. Sherley, collector of rents
1495-96: Court rolls of the manors of Langton Herring, W. Zelston & Woodlands.
16th C: Notes concerning tenants & annual rents payable from Manors of Woodland etc. [Latin & English]
1510-11: Court Rolls; Wynterborn Selston; Court of Wm. Fyloll
1522-3: Court Rolls
1541: Admission to copyhold recording tenure by Hobbey & son.
1541: Lease: Anne & Henry Willoughby. to William ffryer [English]
1541-41; Rental of the lands & tenements of John Poulet Esq. & Lady Anne his wife, late wife of Sir Edward Willoughby knt. In cos. Dorset, Kent, Essex, S'ton Nottingham.
1550: Survey of Dorsetshire & other Lands.
1568-74: Survey & Court Book: Courts of manors of Francis Willoughby.
1570: Lease: Between Francis Willoughby of Woollatton, Notts & Thomas Dollinge, yeoman & Thomas Butler of Wynterborne Selston, yeoman.
1573: A bill indented ... of such obligacons touching the fines of ffrancis Willughbie in Co. Dorset & left in the hands & custodie of William Grove of Shaston inc Winterborne Selston [English]
1573: A book of ye fynes made in the West Cowntree [Latin, English paper book]
1576: Rental Woodlands etc (inc W.Seleston) [English]
1582: Bargain & Sale: Sir Fra. Willoughby to Thos. Hanam of manor of Winterborne. Occupiers or tenants: Wm. Fry, Wm. Hobby, John [Loar], John Fry, Wm. Frampton, Thos. [Hobbie], Thos Butler, Wm. Littel, Thos Shutler, Thos Applyn, Thos Jellett, Wm. Ffrye.


Dorset Record Office:

Winterborne Zelston Parish Records.
Christenings: 1548-1569; 1577-1590; 1606-1654; 1653-1663/4; 1666-1680; 1682-1695; 1695-1712; 1712-1800; 1803-1813. With birth dates 1653-1659.

Copies of Christenings: 1790-1793; 1795-1797; 1801-1302; 1810-1811.

Marriages: 1548-1580; 1606-1633; 1638-1645; 1650; 1716-1753; 1756-1812; 1814-1839.

Marriages & Burials: 1695-1711.

Burials: 1548/9-1596; 1606-1653; 1678-1706; 1712-1800; 1790-1793; 1795-1797; 1801; 1804-1813; 1810-1811.

2 leaves containing christenings 1566-1576, and some 17th century entries missing;.

Entries 1636-1654 generally sparse confused and out of order.

1784-1956: Accounts with some vestry minutes.
1795: Citation for faculty to open tomb of Robert Angell and other Angells to provide information for a law-suit,


Other Documents:
1576: Lease, Thomas Hanham Esq of South Perrote to Thos Shutler, husbandman of WZ.
1579: Examination of witnesses relative to a libel(mentions Sir Henry Lewis curate of WZ)
1729: Extract from will dated 1st May 1729 of Robert Angell formerly of WZ, carpenter.
1752: Lease of Winterborne Farm, William Hanham of Deans Court, Wimborne to Richard King of WZ yeoman.
1760: Sacrament Certificate of John Florence, Mayor of Wareham.
1787: Lease Hanham to John Sherwood.
1785-1809; Manor, advowson, glebe tithes, messuages etc, (Grove, Hanham, Farquharson & Frampton) (5)
1697-1794; Abstract of title of James John Farquharson Esq. To quit rents payable to the manor of Winterborne Zelston.
1831: Lease & Release: Mentions William Speke, Thomas Plomer and others.
1840: Tithe map.
1840; Wimborne to Puddletown Turnpike; Map of proposed route.
1840: Reference book to plan of proposed new road from Piddletown to Wimborne Minster.
1842: Release of Premises; Betsy Compton to J.J.Farquharson.
circa 1890; Schedule of Drax estates including properties at Winterborne Zelston.
1929: Sale Particulars, relating to Sale of Langton Estate.
1953: Sale Particulars of Winterborne Zelston Estate, with Plan.
1882-1964: Logbooks of Winterborne Zelston & Almer Board School (late Almer Council School).


Dorset County Council Smallholdings Committee.
Copy Minutes 1929-36


Wills, Administrations & Inventories.
1729/38: Mary Stroud
1714: William Fry
1729: John Spenser
1732: John Spinney
1729: Robert Angell
1698: Richard Fry
1781: Robert Barfoot
1746: Ann Strangeman
1746: John Strangeman
1705: Christopher Billows
1714: James Billows
1762: John Butler
1762: Sussannah Butler
1717: William Davis
1749: Edward Edwards
1712: Sincleton Fowles
1661: William Fry
1756: Thomas Paty
1747: William Welch
1744: John Young
1740: Thomas Fry

Bond of Guardianship.
1742: John Woolfrye, for John Bess of Winterborne Came.

Methodist Chapel & Village Hall.
1835: Conveyance of land from Cowards to Primative Methodists
1936: Choice & appointment of new Trustees of the Methodist Chapel
1950: Abstract of Title of Trustees of methodist Chapel.
1951: Choice & appointment of new Trustees of the Methodist Chapel
1954: Conveyance of Chapel to Trustees of Village Hall.

Public Record Office - Wills.

50 Nevell 1593: John Hobby
47 Wood 1611: William Frampton
1854: Thomas Plomer
77 Duke 1671: Sir William Hanham

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