Surnames Being Researched

  • My researches have tended to follow lines of least resistance, and to follow any opportunities that have cropped up. This means that I have accumulated data on a number of ancestral lines. However, my interests have concentrated on rather fewer families.
    I must thank and acknowledge the help that I have received from the many record offices, libraries, repositories, & Societies as sources of information. I am also most grateful to many individuals & relations (some previously unknown) who have provided information, photos & clues.
    This is perhaps a good place to thank the many, often anonymous, indexers who have made the task of the family history researcher so much easier these days.

    The following table shows my main family interests with dates, locations and numbers of related individuals in my database. Further down the page is a fuller list of surnames in my database.

    Current levels of interest: HIGH High MED Medium LOW Low
      Surname FromPlace(s) To Place No.
    LOW BUSS 1650 Brightling,SSX Present Various 36
    HIGH CHAPMAN 1745 Frome,SOM;Trowbridge,WIL Present Frome,London,Dorset,USA 84
    LOW CULVERHOUSE 1630 Frome,SOM 1800 Frome,SOM 26
    LOW DEBNAM 1620 Warminster,WIL 1850 Waminster,WIL 26
    MED ENEVER 1750 Fyfield,ESS 1910 Liverpool;LND;ESS;KEN 53
    LOW FARMER 1790 Brightling,SSX 1900 Various 56
    LOW FILMER 1745 Lenham,KEN Present Various 35
    MED FOORD 1680 Ninfield,SSX Present Various 106
    MED GOUGE 1700 Borden,KEN 1880 Milton Regis,KEN 98
    HIGH GREGORY 1745 Frome,SOM Present UK,AUS,NZ,CAN 203
    LOW MARCHANT 1710 Brightling,SSX Present Various 95
    LOW NEVILLE 1700 Withernwick,YKS 1800 Various 7
    LOW PRESS 1650 Gt.Yarmouth,NFK Present Various 110
    HIGH PUNT 1700 Pattiswick,ESS Present Anywhere 82
    HIGH RELF 1745 Brightling,SSX Present Anywhere 830
    HIGH ROSS 1680 Holderness,EYS 1920 Camberwell,LND;& other 123
    MED SEWELL 1770 Gt.Yarmouth,NFK 1900 Gt.Yarmouth 20
    MED TAYLOR 1680 Thanet,KEN 1917 Milton,KEN 40
    MED WILKINS 1740 Frome,SOM;Beaminster & Bridport,DOR 1900 Allegheny,PA,USA 26

    Fuller List of Surnames

    The following lists show some other surnames in my database. My paternal and maternal lines, are shown in separate lists. Surnames in bold are those of my direct ancestors. Other surnames fall into two groups.
    1. Most are:
      1. Descendants of John Chapman (c.1450-1795) from Frome in Somerset.
      2. Descendants of Thomas Relf (c.1745-1788) from Brightling in East Sussex.
    2. Others are spouses, descendants, or ancestors of collateral lines.

    I don't have much information about some of these surnames, unless they are in my list of research interests above. For surnames not in bold, my database may contain a few related individuals.

    Basic details of some earlier generations are listed in extracts from my GEDCOM files. I can possibly provide further details of some individuals on request.

    Information in the data (with 3 exceptions) are restricted to non-living persons.

    My Paternal Line

    Families are mainly from Somerset, Wiltshire, Norfolk, London & East Yorkshire.
    (Names only shown if there are at least 10 names in my relational database).
    Bell, Bradbury, Bromby, Brown(e), Burton, Catley, Chapman, Chase, Culverhouse, Davi(e)s, Debnam, East, Evans, Filmer, Forward, Gates, Gooding, Gouge, Gregory, Hastings, Hawkins, Holderness, Jackson, Jarman, Johnson, Jones, Joyce, Lac(e)y, Lark, Leaper, McConkie, Munby, Murdoch, Page, Petley, Press, Riby, Richardson, Ross, Sainsbury, Sewell, Simpson, Smith, Stewart, Sutton, Sweetman, Taylor, Thompson, Toone, Waddell, Warwick, Whiting, Wilkins, Willard, Wright,

    My Maternal Line

    Families are from East Sussex, Kent, Essex, and London
    (Names only shown if there are at least 10 names in my relational database).
    Alcock, Allen, Bierer, Blackford, Brett, Buss, Castelli, Chapman,Christmas, Church, Collins, Cordell, Croft, Crouch, Davi(e)s, Daw, East, Edwards, Enever, Evans, Farmer, Filmer, Foord, Ford, Forward, French, Fuller, Gates, Gibson, Gipps, Gregory, Harris, Hart, Honeysett, Hooker, Isted, Jenner, Jones, Marchant, Milham, Moon, Morris, Page, Perry, Piper, Punt, Relf, Sargant, Sinden, Smith, Sutton, Thompson, Tippett, West, Wickes, Winchester, Windiate, Woodgate, Wright,

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